Why Is it important to show up for you 100% every day

Here are two ways to help you make sure you show up every single day!


1. Create a Contract with yourself

Create a couple of paragraphs stating that you will show up and give everything you have, how you word it is up to you, but just the act alone of creating a contract with yourself will have an incredible psychological effect. After you create this contract you should laminate it and put it somewhere you will see it several times a day!

The real work will come at the end of each day, when you have to be 100% honest with yourself by looking at your contract to see if you have lived up to the words that you have written.


2. Pick one key area that you are going to get better at every single day

For example, if you are in sales maybe you are working on getting better with cold calls, for one of the days and perhaps another day you are working on improving your communication or prospecting skills, whatever it is you are doing within your workplace, find one key area to improve on every day.

It is amazing what can happen a year from now, if you pick one thing to work on and get better at each and every day. Over time you will notice a drastic difference not only in the results you begin to see, but also how you approach each day.

The reason why this practice works is because it is not overwhelming yourself with 1,000 different areas that you need to work on, combined with your already busy day.

Showing up every single day is critical when it comes to the success of your business and also individual success. Remember just when you think that you have made it and you do not have to work as hard, someone is already gaining an advantage over you.

Champions show up every day, showing up will be what you need, to be the best version of you!