Vision Board Time Of Year

It’s that time of year where we all take a good long look at ourselves, either for our work life or our personal life. This is not to mean that we are not happy with what we have or even what has been achieved throughout the previous year, but I am sure you agree that some of the habits that we form at the beginning of every year, some may call them, “New Year Resolutions”. Something that I have started to do is creating a vision board. These can be a lot of fun, but the beauty of it is that you can create in words or pictures whatever you are visualising for your year ahead. Creating these vision boards is almost like going back to the child in us, being free at what we put forward for the year to come.

How To Start Your Vision Board

There are many ways to set your vision boards out, it really depends upon you and your style. Some are structured while others can have that free spirit and really just work through whatever enters your head. The beauty is, there are no hard rules. It is a piece of work that once completed really should be displayed where you are going to see it every day. Continuing to see your vision is a huge step in the right direction in achieving your goals. To further develop your board you may want to add time lines against certain parts.

What To Put On Your Vision Board

What to plan for and for how far ahead to plan towards, well again this is your board. Perhaps start planning for the year ahead, but if there are goals for down the track, perhaps a year or two away, but may need to have certain goals achieved definitely put it down, as it will be the beginning of the outcome you are wanting. Some create a personal vision board and some professional, that is entirely up to you, but for myself, I tend to blend them together as I see my work life dancing with my personal life. I visualise that I will be working for a good number of years but to me, that is my pleasure the better I work the two together the more I enjoy what I do.

Create With Others

I also get my family to do a vision board as I say the more people you let know what you are wanting to achieve the quicker you will achieve it! One of my favourite ways of creating my vision board is with friends, pick a group that are looking to reach great results this year, and pop on a simple spread (perhaps a wine or two) and you have a fabulous evening… bonus is your friends are right there, when you share your vision board at the end of the evening you are starting the first part of the process, it all starts with “Thought, Word, Action, Result”. One thing that is guaranteed, whatever action you take, your results will reflect this… Have fun and get Visualising!

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